The very first review is of the the iconic Lafayette Coney Island in downtown Detroit.
Lafayette is located next to American Coney Island on Lafayette Blvd. and was one of the first Detroit style coney islands.  Lafayette is a very small restaurant with some unique characteristics - only Coca-Cola is served as a fountain drink all other soda’s are in a can,  customers can sit a a community table and discuss the merits of coney’s together.  Furthermore, orders are yelled out by the server while the food is served within minutes of the order.  Finally, if you really want to the whole experience use the restroom you won’t forget it.

Coney Review
The natural-casing franks served at Lafayette are supplied by Winter Sausage in Eastpointe, which has been Lafayette's supplier for decades ( just read on freep.com!) Lafayette serves a natural casing hot dog well cooked, classic texture, steamed bun, moderately spicy chili and thinly sliced onions, served with one strip of mustard I added more! Ketchup and mustard are served from traditional yellow and red dispensers.  Overall one of the best coney’s around, the only drawback was the onions were watery and flavorless. Myself and one of the people I was eating with originally ordered only one but had to get a second.
Coney score 4.5/5

Chili Cheese Fries
Fries are thin light in color and crispy though the portion size is small.  Chili is mildly spicy and is a good pairing, cheese is shredded cheddar which is allowed to melt on top.  The fries were good but there was not enough chili and I prefer the premelted cheese to shredded cheese on the chili.
Chili cheese fry score 3/5

The coney’s are some of the best around, the chili cheese fries  were a small portion and not my favorite kind of cheese.  Lafayette is a must eat for any coney lover.
7.5 out of 10

Liz Morales
1/1/2012 08:10:10 pm

Okay, so far, so good.

But where's the review of Duly's in southwest Detroit?

If you haven't eaten a coney at Duly's, you haven't eaten a coney.


Man, oh, man.

What are you waiting for?

P.S. I now live 6,000 miles from Detroit and I haven't been home in 15 years, but I can still just about taste a Duly's coney. Don't wait...get there and eat one now!


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