One of my earliest Koney memories is watching...not eating the tennis pro at Beachwood Swim Club in Troy eat a Kerby's Koney in front of me while my stomach growled.  With over 15 Metro-Detroit locations Kerby's Koney Island is a staple southeast Michigan.  Kerby's also happens to be my dad's favorite Koney Island restaurant and he has had them all at 70+ years old.  Because of a recent pickleball accident (ruptured Achilles blog is here), I had takeout from Kerby's to celebrate the cast coming off, and because July is Koney month in Detroit the Koney was only 99 cents!

The Koney
Classic is the first word that comes to mind with the Kerby's Koney.  It is a Koney that does everything right but for better or worse does not have a personality of it's own.  The hot dog is a seems to be skinned Koegel  frank, in bun steamed to Koney perfection.  The chili is classic in texture though a bit bland in taste... it could use just a tad more flavor.  The chopped onions and strip continue the classic Koney theme.
Koney Score 4.7/5

The Chili Cheese Fries

Kerby's has it down, this is the way chili cheese fries are supposed to be.  The fries were crisp where they should be soggy where they should be.  The cheese is pre-melted and tasty.  Once again I found the chili to be lacking some in flavor and that brought the whole dish down just a little a bit.  I was still scraping the bottom with my fork.
Chili Cheese Fry Score 4.7/5.0

Overall 9.4/10
Great Koney, Koney sauce flavor somewhat lacking.

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