Spangas once upon time called Spagos, is located at 13 mile and Woodward in Royal Oak, MI.  
Spangas is the second review for a reason... it has long been my favorite Detroit style coney island, mainly because of the chili cheese fries and I wanted to find out how it stacked up against Lafayette.  Although the coney did not quite match  Lafayette's the chili cheese fries remain in my opinion the bar which all coney islands should strive to reach.
After eating I had the opportunity to speak with the owner Tommy, who has been serving coney's at Spangas for 23 years.

The Coney
Spangas serves a natural casing frank that is not quite bun length but fairly thick, meaty and surprisingly filling , the bun is steamed and the generous amount of chili is on the spicey side. Onions appear to be hand chopped and flavorful though a few more would have added been ok with me.  One strip of French's mustard is added by the cook and of course I added more plus ketch-up.
Coney score 3.8/5

Chili Cheese Fries
A generous portion of thinly sliced French fries are topped with with an equally generous amount of chili and what appears to be melted nacho cheese with none of the spice of nacho cheese.  The combination and texture of the crispy fries with the spicy chili and the smooth pre-melted cheese are an  unbelieveable blend of flavors.  Spangas definatley has perfected this item.
Chili Cheese fry score 5/5

This is a Detroit Coney Island!

Jon Cope
11/12/2011 07:28:21 am

You need to check out Aten's Coney Island it is the original coney island in Birmingham and I think the best!

7/17/2013 01:27:48 pm

Anthony Bourdain was recently there for his show on CNN, it is on the list, thanks for the comment!


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