Village Coney Island is located on Adams Road in Birmingham, MI.  I had never eaten there but after getting a haircut it is a convenient place to get lunch.  The restaurant is set up shotgun style, and appears to have Greek ownership.  There is a considerable menu, notwithstanding the traditional Coney restaurant items.  It was also fairly busy for a Saturday afternoon at 3pm so they must be doing something right.  As usual I ordered a Coney and Chili Cheese Fries  - this is how it turned out...

The Coney
After reading the enormous menu I was hesitant, wondering how much effort could they could possibly put into the Coney and CCF’s.  In the end, I was kind of right.  This is what happens when Coney’s and CCF’s meet corporate America, kind of what I think they would taste like at Applebee’s not bad just not “it”.  The Coney was served on an oval plate...a bit unusualthick and juicy with a smoky flavor, a high end dog for sure - but one that tastes more like a restaurant hot dog than a Coney dog.  The onions were hand chopped and decent, the chili needed some flavor but it had a good texture.  The bun was fine; however the Coney was served without the requisite mustard!  I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed the Coney considering it was something of a corporate Coney.  But it was filling and the hot dog was flavorful.
Coney Score 3.7/5

Chili Cheese Fries
The great thing about chili cheese fries is everyone does them different.  Village Coney Island's "restaurant food" theme continued I have to say I was not excited when they were served.  The fries appeared to be the conventional restaurant type bought frozen probably from Sysco.  The chili remained alright again lacking some flavor. The savior was the pre-melted cheese.  Yet, I was surprised once again and the combination of ingredients worked.  The helping was large the fries were crispy and good the cheese was good.
Chili Cheese Fry Score 3.6/5

I would consider a Village Coney a good alternative to traditional Coney Island restaurants especially if you are eating with people who want to order something besides Coney Islands.  The Coney and CCF's were a notch above a regular restaurant trying to serve Coney’s but a notch below a restaurant specializing in Coney Islands.

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